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Formed solely by carbon, Diamond is the purest of all gem stones. The carbon bonds in a repeating cubic pattern of eight carbon atoms. The way in which the atoms attach to each other make the stone extremely hard and durable.

The diamond has a very long journey from the magma in the earth’s center to the fingers, necks and wrists of the world’s fashion conscious population.

Since there are so many sources from which to purchase a diamond, more and more it seems each year, it really pays to be an informed consumer. The wisest way to proceed would be to acquaint yourself with the elements that determine the value of the gem. The most important determinants of value are the four C’s. They stand for Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. These are the things with which the prudent buyer should acquaint him or herself with. While only four C’s are traditionally taken into account, there should be a fifth C – Confidence. No purchase of such importance and expense should be made without knowing the credentials, honesty, reliability and skills of the jeweler. Once rapport is reached between you and your jeweler, the confidence generated will do wonders in making your purchase a wise one.

Once you have decided the shape of the diamond ( Round, Pear, Oval, Square, Rectangular or Marquise) you want, we can obtain a diamond for your price. The color, clarity, cut and carat weight can be combined in a way to fit your individual budget.